Accounting for Canadian Small Businesses

I am not your every day accountant.  Yes I am a CPA and I know my debit and credits. I am also very technology savvy.  I have been working remotely since 2013 and have been paperless since 2005 — yes 2005. 

I work with cloud technology and I think that is the future of accounting.  I can help you go online — it’s easier than you think.

I love technology and love making it work for you! I am very skilled in handling those unique accounting and technology requests that you may be unable to solve elsewhere. Tech not your thing? Don’t worry I can help you too! My experience (besides accounting) is in teaching and tech support.  I understand how frustrating these things can be and am happy to help.

Where am I? 

I work online and can work with you anywhere in Canada.

I am physically located in Kelowna, BC

Call me: 236-361-0236

Email me:

Michelle Duford, CPA