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NEED: Update accounting systems & go paperless


Dated systems and traditional accounting processes prevented this organization from being able to take advantage of new technologies. Many of the directors were in remote locations so authorization for vendor payments were paper based and time consuming. Payments to vendors were often late, resulting in late payment fees.

The dated accounting system was inflexible and was unable to produce timely or accurate financial statements or budget reports. The quarterly financial statements often contained incorrect or inconsistent information being presented to the board or directors.


The accounting system was converted with two years history to online accounting software (QuickBooks Online). By utilizing an online and modern accounting system, both budgets and financial statements are accurate, consistent and able to be generated quickly.

Implemented processes that reduced paper and decreased processing time.  Where possible 3rd party applications were utilized to allow for online approval and authorizations. Implementing these processes increased the speed of payment processing without sacrificing the control processes.  EFTs and online payments (with dual signatures) were implemented for vendors including several US vendors.

Developed standardized, documented bookkeeping processes with control and authorization levels that conform to auditor’s requirements.

NEED: Update accounting systems & set up business software


Outdated software and lack of process prevented accurate information from being available to the business owners. Filings were often late. There were no consistent processes used across multiple locations. Senior accountant had recently left the firm leaving only junior accounting staff behind.


Updated to current version of software and implemented consistent processes across all locations. Assisted in the recruitment of a full time senior accounting staff member.

NEED: Setting up business software


Accounting was being done using multiple sources ie: spreadsheet and ‘lite’ accounting software. The year end accountant had been requesting the client move to one system.


Using the year end accountants chart of accounts, financial data was merged from the multiple sources into one. Training was provided to this client enabling them to complete their own bookkeeping.

NEED: Update accounting systems & set up business software


Organization needed to switch accounting packages to be able to take advantage of 3rd party applications.


Converted accounting software from Sage (Simply Accounting) to QuickBooks Online. Moved client to online version of an industry specific billing system and connected it to QuickBooks Online.

These are specific cases where a company required a specific solution for their accounting.  Below are some other areas we may be able to help.


  • Conversion to QuickBooks online from another accounting package
  • Set up Online accounting file.
  • Integrate with 3rd party apps and work with the vendors to implement
  • Implement a new accounting package


  • Catch up multi-year bookkeeping if you are behind.  
  • Clean-up your bookkeeping if they are a mess.
  • We can also prepare and file business tax returns if you don’t have an accountant. 
  • Senior accounting services – temporary or part time accounting support.
  • Provide troubleshooting expertise with either accounting software or accounting issues. Often the problem is a combination of both.