Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

I work with QuickBooks Desktop can you help?

We can help you move to the cloud and take advantage of all it offers.  We don’t work with desktop software anymore so if you want to stay on the desktop (QuickBooks, Sage 50 etc) we aren’t able to help you.

What about Sage Online or Xero?

QuickBooks Online, Xero and Sage online are great options if you want to work online.  We focus our expertise on QuickBooks online but can also work with Xero if you like.  We are an Elite – QuickBooks ProAdvisor, the highest level you can achieve.  We will be happy to convert your file to QuickBooks Online or to Xero if you decide you want to work with us.

My books and records are behind. CRA is sending me nasty letters / phone calls.

Yikes! No one likes to get calls or letters from CRA.  Please contact us as soon as possible so we can make a plan to get you on track and more importantly get you back on CRA’s good side.  If CRA is giving you nasty phone calls, please make sure that it is actually the CRA calling you.  Please see our blog here on CRA scams for more information.

Can we meet in person?

Yes we can.  I work out of my home office in Kelowna, BC and am happy to meet you either in my office or at your place of business.  I am often in Calgary, Alberta so could arrange to meet you there as well.  Outside of those two areas, communications are via Zoom, phone and emails.

I am looking for ongoing bookkeeping services. Do you do that?

Yes we do!  While we can do the bookkeeping for you, we can do so much more.  We are CPAs and we have extensive knowledge in running a business.  Things like cash flow management and setting up budgets, to managing your expenses are all areas we can help with.  As CPAs we might be a good option for you if you have a review or audit engagement and require a higher level of accounting.

My situation is very unique.

That’s exactly why we are here.  To help with those unique accounting and bookkeeping problems that you might not be able to solve elsewhere.  Take a look at our case studies to get more information on what kind of work we can do.