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Embracing Technology

You might be wondering why an accountant would be writing about faxes (instead of taxes).  I was recently watching an episode a well known news program. 
In this program one of the people being  interviewed was discussing the Covid-19 Pandemic and some of the early issues. 
This article isn’t about the Pandemic, but it is about technology and how there is simple and inexpensive tools available.

The interviewee mentioned how they were trying to get Covid information to another party interested in compiling information early in the Pandemic sometime in January 2020.  The receiving party was a cash strapped entity and the only way they were able to receive information was via fax.  

First wow. 

The interviewee then mentioned how they didn’t have a fax machine because they hadn’t sent a fax in years. So they went a bought a fax machine.

Second wow. 

He then goes on to describe how the receiving party’s fax was so old it couldn’t receive all the faxes. 
So the sending company bought a new fax and shipped it out to receiving company. 

Third wow.

I suppose I should be focused on the pandemic and the types of things that were going on – but all I could think was – they are sending important information via fax?  And they went out and purchased two more fax machines so they could continue to do that?

My mind was racing – there are much better ways to securely get information to someone else without sending a fax. 

Certainly, the sender could have used a secure online fax service.

Or even better use almost any kind of cloud storage lets you send a secure link.  Some like are so secure that only you and who you authorize can see your data. costs around $100 per year – much less than the two faxes machines that were purchased.

As I listened, I was saddened to hear that these two entities which combined have hundreds of employees weren’t aware of these two options, both much less expensive, more secure and much more convenient to use. 

My point of this story isn’t to embarrass anyone, it’s just to bring awareness that there are tools that aren’t just more convenient, but often times are more secure, reliable and less costly.

What about you?  What is stopping you from embracing technology in your business?